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Why choose Burgess yacht insurance?

As an FCA-regulated company with nearly 40 years’ experience of working with the world’s leading brokers, we offer a wide range of cover types relating to yacht ownership, charter and crew. It’s an entirely personal service, tailored to you. When you need to claim, our insurance, operational and technical teams work together to manage risk, making claims easier to process. We also have a Major Claims Funding Process whereby Burgess can have large claims funded and paid to the owner - often within 48 hours - to expedite cash flow. It’s a service unique to Burgess.

Yacht Insurance

Discover the Burgess difference

Owning a yacht is both an emotional decision and a financial investment. At Burgess, we source the best possible insurance to protect your asset and guide you through the risks of ownership.

Integrated risk management expertise and experience

We pride ourselves on providing a personal service and first-class level of cover, with insurance, operational and technical teams all working together to manage and mitigate risk. For a wide range of cover types relating to yacht ownership, charter and crew, we devise insurance solutions that fit.

Global coverage across all insurance markets

Our access to the insurance markets world-wide, paired with the contacts and expertise of our insurance team, means we obtain the most competitive rates on all yacht insurance premiums. We tailor solutions to fit all of your yacht insurance needs.

Underpinned by 35 years of successful claims outcomes

As an FCA-regulated company with 35 years’ experience, we work with leading insurance firms that have placed cover for 35 of the world’s 50 largest superyachts. Whatever your requirements, we only work with those firms that we know can deliver when needed.

Achieve peace of mind

Cost-effective insurance provided in house. We take care of it, so you don’t have to

Get the best cover


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