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New to yacht charter?

Chartering, or renting, a yacht could change the way you holiday forever. Our team finds out what you most love to do and builds an incredible experience around that. From which yacht to choose, as each is unique with different amenities, where to go and what to do on a carefully planned itinerary, right through to transfers and what to pack, your personal broker will deliver your unforgettable.

This is a place where family and friends can genuinely leave the world behind and spend some quality time together. If that sounds good to you, talk to us today and let’s start dreaming.

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Why choose a yacht charter?

Think of a yacht as a finely designed private island that moves to a new, beautiful location everyday so there’s always more to explore. There’s an infinity pool like no other and staff (crew) whose only aim is to make your day special.

Whether you want to be at the heart of the action, in the back of beyond or somewhere in between, there’s a captain who knows all the best places to go, even the secret ones only locals know, and how to get you there. There’s also an exceptionally talented and versatile chef who will always bring delight whatever you want to eat, from snacks and smoothies to full-scale banquets.

Children of all ages love the watertoys and there are always deck crew on hand to help you get the best out of them. From aquaparks with slides to jetskis and tows, eFoils, flyboards and underwater scooters to paddleboards, wakeboards and waterskis, there are thrills and chills to suit every taste, right on your doorstep.

With seven-star service, air conditioning, gyms, spas, cinema rooms, Wi-Fi that lets you work or stream as you wish and active stabilisers that stop any rolling, a yacht charter is the best holiday you’ve never had. Don’t you wish you could do something very special?

Some post-charter feedback

‘My clients appreciated all the attention that went into planning some really special experiences for them, such as the live band on board for 1920s night while anchored in a beautiful and seemingly remote place. The experience exceeded their expectations and they are hoping to organise another two-week charter next summer.’

‘We had a fantastic time. This boat had everything at a top level – food, people, activities, services… It was the best couple of weeks of vacation we have ever had. Having a masseuse, hairdresser, photographer and trainer really brought it to the next level.’

‘The crew went above and beyond... Trip of a lifetime!'

New to charter?

Discover the Burgess difference

Whether you are looking for an island-hopping motor yacht charter to cruise the Caribbean with family or have your heart set on an adrenaline-fuelled sailing experience with friends, we are on hand to guide you every step of the way.

A private luxury experience tailored to you

Discovering new horizons surrounded by friends and family, a superyacht charter is the height of escapism. Experience a level of service and comfort that is unsurpassed, in settings beyond the reach of most. Step on board a Burgess yacht and you will never look back.

Access to remote locations around the globe

Embrace the urge to explore. Drop anchor in secluded bays, dive into pristine waters and discover an underwater world of marine activity. Yachting offers captivating, thought-provoking and stimulating experiences that are simply inaccessible by any other means.

Experienced brokers with your best interests in mind

Our worldwide team consists of brokers who have been instrumental in shaping the luxury yacht industry as it is today. With first-hand experience of the world’s largest and most impressive yachts, Burgess charter brokers are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences.

Yacht charter destinations


A yacht charter to the Mediterranean is anything you want it to be. From the Michelin stared restaurants of Naples, to the chic beach clubs, and luxury brands of Monaco and the French Riviera to the laid-back lifestyle, ancient ruins and deserted beaches of Mykonos and Santorini in the Greek islands, you can do it all.

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An idyllic yacht charter to Greece offers an escape from busy modern life. From the Cyclades to the Ionian Islands, spend lazy days exploring wild landscapes and deserted sandy coves, pretty harbours and white-washed fishing villages.

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The Caribbean has an intoxicating allure for the superyachting crowd. A luxury Caribbean yacht charter offers big blue skies and cooling trade winds for magnificent sailing and island-hopping.

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French Riviera

From Monaco to Saint-Tropez, the French Riviera (Cote d’Azur) has long captured the hearts and souls of the yachting crowd.

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Croatia & Montenegro

The coastlines and islands of Croatia and Montenegro offer world-class cruising with historic towns, stunning scenery and pulsating nightlife.

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The star of the Balearics, the island of Mallorca is the perfect yacht rental destination thanks to its beautiful beaches, rugged mountains, and lively local scene.

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More than any other country, Italy encapsulates the variety the Mediterranean has to offer – and there is no better way to experience it than on a luxury Italian yacht charter with Burgess.

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From fashionable resorts and modern marinas to heavenly white-sand beaches, secret sailing coves and ancient ruins, many only accessible by sea, the ‘Turquoise Coast’ of Turkey is the Mediterranean at its most exotic.

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With shimmering white beaches fringed with sapphire seas and colourful coral reefs, the 700 or so islands and cays of the Bahamas are perfect for exploring by sea.

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Corsica & Sardinia

A luxury yacht charter to Corsica is an excellent opportunity to explore this lush, mountainous island. Fringed by plunging cliffs and beaches lapped by the warm waters of the Mediterranean, you’ll have the chance to enjoy some of the best snorkelling and diving in the area.

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Thailand is diverse and exotic, from the isolated beaches and lush forests to cultural shrines and the nine pristine Similan Islands. You'll find jaw-dropping scenery, unforgettable diving and some of the finest beaches in Asia.

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Embark on a luxury superyacht charter in Fiji to explore this tropical haven of 333 islands and discover secluded bays and uninhabited islands.

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Located at the northern end of the Ionian chain, Corfu is full of charming towns with thriving shops, restaurants and an exuberant nightlife. All of this happily complements the abundance of secluded coves and anchorages enjoyed only by sea.

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British Virgin Islands

A yacht charter to the British Virgin Islands gives you the chance to explore 60 unspoilt volcanic islands. From the main island of Tortola to the smooth granite rocks of Virgin Gorda, or to tiny sandy islets that can be yours alone, with Burgess you’ll have the chance to explore at your leisure.

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Enjoy outdoor experiences unlike any other on a yacht charter along this majestic coastline of North America. On a luxury yacht charter in Alaska you will cruise through sheltered waterways, passing national parks, shimmering glaciers and mountain peaks.

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US Virgin Islands

With 500 fish species, 40 corals, abundant wildlife in verdant interiors and stunning beaches, the US Virgin Islands have it all.

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It's 99 percent water and one percent land! The Maldives is a magical water kingdom in the Indian Ocean. You will be greeted by white beaches, coral reefs, relaxed bars with sunset views, beach BBQs on uninhabited islands, and gourmet dining.

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Lying 1,000km (600 miles) off the Ecuadorean coast, the Galapagos is a modern garden of Eden and a living laboratory of evolution.

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South East Asia

On a South East Asia yacht charter you can set sail from Thailand’s island of Phuket and cruise out to Phang Nga Bay for sea kayaking or rappelling on limestone cliffs.

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Mykonos is the glamorous epicentre of the Cyclades Islands, and an essential part of any Greek island charter. From beach bars that rival Ibiza to 16th Century windmills, to sophisticated restaurants in the hinterland and tavernas that take no reservations at all – this is the juxtaposition and charm of Mykonos.

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From dynamic cities and breathtaking unspoilt landscapes to sweeping beaches and stunning coastlines brimming with natural wonders, Australia offers extraordinary experiences.

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Indonesia is the world's last unspoilt paradise, with 17,000 islands across 5,000km between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

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Caribbean - Leeward Islands

Scattered over 150 miles from Anguilla to Dominica, this group of Caribbean islands is fascinatingly diverse. Sailing the Leeward Islands is the perfect way to discover some of the Caribbean’s most notable beaches and adventures.

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New England

New England combines old-world charm and a proud maritime history with the pretty shorelines, picturesque harbours and historic towns and islands of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine.

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You could spend weeks getting lost in this breath-taking part of the world. Cruising on a yacht in Tahiti allows you to dive vibrant coral reefs with all manner of marine life, snorkel the clearest waters you’ve ever encountered or visit islets with not a soul in sight.

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Red Sea

The east coast of the Red Sea is a pristine wilderness, largely untouched and unexplored. It is a place where you can genuinely escape and make discoveries every day as you cruise your yacht from one secluded turquoise bay to the next, one sandy shored island to another.

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Indian Ocean

With easy sailing distances between the jungle-covered, mountainous main islands and an abundance of opportunities to explore the more remote Outer Islands, an Indian Ocean yacht charter around the Seychelles can be tailor-made for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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Famous as the party playground of the Med, Ibiza is today prized for its impressively varied offering. Any yacht charter in Ibiza will blend the sounds of international DJs in locations like Ibiza town with the tranquillity, bohemian vibe, stylish marinas and wellness scene in the north.

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Phuket provides a heady combination of palm-lined white-sand beaches, superb hospitality, land-based fun, exciting activities, cultural wonders and delicious cuisine. With year-round good weather, its rising popularity as a charter destination is no surprise.

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French Polynesia

Explore the islands of French Polynesia on a luxury French Polynesia yacht charter. The islands which are a string of tropical jewels set in the South Pacific, have an abundance of secluded anchorages and some of the most spectacular diving in the world.

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The Balearics

Although famous – or is that infamous? – as the party playground of the Mediterranean, this Spanish archipelago offers so much more.

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Imagine cruising amid the wild, romantic beauty of the Western Isles, some of the most stunning, unspoilt scenery Britain has to offer. Dramatic steep scree-sided lochs give way to rolling acres of Scots pine and sunlit golden sand beaches, deserted and inaccessible except by yacht.

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Caribbean - Windward Islands

Explore the bejewelled chain of Caribbean islands that sweeps south from Martinique to Grenada on a luxury Caribbean Windward Islands yacht charter.

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