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Mission statement

At Burgess we are using our business as a force for good and aim to keep sustainability at the heart of all we do. Our Burgess Blue Oceans team has stepped up to weave these values through our Environmental, Social and Governance policy.
Burgess conservation 2024

Saving Seagrass

In 2024 we launched a conservation project to map, protect and save seagrass meadows in the Mediterranean. Burgess has committed to focus all funding raised through the business to support this project. Here's why we believe this work is so vital...


The world’s oceans have given us this amazing industry, and it’s our responsibility to protect them. While the solutions may not yet be perfect, we have stepped up to the challenge, using our influence and experience to push forward our own programmes, working practices and innovative tech.

The good news is that the data tells us that each small change adds up to make a difference.

Burgess leads change

Burgess x Blue Marine

Burgess and Blue Marine Foundation have worked together since 2020, and we're proud of our status as a Major Partner. By the end of 2023 we aim to pay into the Blue Marine fund for every single piece of business we do - be it a charter holiday or a new build project. The funds go straight to conservation projects in yachting destinations.

Burgess is a Major Partner

Everyday differences

From choosing biodegradable coffee packaging in our offices, to paying a fee against our company air travel, it's our everyday sustainability decisions that count. We do our best to keep our meetings online, but when business has to be done face-to-face, we contribute to Blue Marine's core funding, for every mile flown by the Burgess team.

Working for change

Burgess fleet operations

Reef-friendly suncream, biological cleaning products and washing machine filters that stop synthetic fibres and microplastics spilling into the ocean. All the little things a yacht does combine to reduce the impact on its local environment. Helping the yachts we manage to reduce their environmental impact is a priority.

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Green tech

Environmentally conscious power and propulsion systems are a hot topic and new solutions are needed to meet IMO requirements. While the car industry is rolling out electric models, some sectors of the superyacht industry are developing ways to future-proof new builds for retrofit when technology is established and available. Did you know?

LAMMOUCHE uses Bio-fuel


Burgess values are the foundation of our company. We want to help our people to fulfill their potential, to give back to the communities that support us, and to work with crew on the yachts we manage towards a sustainable industry driven by innovation and capability.

We are what we do - and this is what we are doing, right now, to put our values into practice...

Mentoring that's meant

Whether data analyst or sales broker, we want our people to grow and achieve in their chosen profession. So we run our own in-house B-Mentorship Programme for our team to develop professionally and personally at any stage of their career, be it striving for the Partnership or exploring other business sectors.

Crew are the key

Since 2021 Burgess has partnered with LEGASEA to sponsor 25 crew members through their annual mentorship programme. The idea is to help great people who are doing good things to climb the ladder of career progression, at sea or in moving ashore, regardless of their age, colour, gender or background. Simple as that.

Happiness Factory

From offering the Burgess team tickets to attend the Monaco Grand Prix, or take on a new challenge with colleagues, right through to the annual Burgess Summer Games - a sporting party in the park. In November 2022, three of our team travelled to the Philippines to represent Burgess as volunteers building schools with the UN / All Hands Typhoon Ria Relief Program. Huge respect to them.

It's for charity

Burgess supports every team member in their own effort. Whether growing a moustache for Movember, or even running a marathon - we match our team's fundraising. For those who want to get hands-on, we offer two days' paid leave to work for a charity, a chance to give back.

Always learning

We have a wealth of knowledge within our fantastic teams - from running an 80m yacht to social media management. We record and share all of this via our Burgess Briefings. By learning about our different divisions and expertise, we each gain wider industry insight. Together we are stronger.


There is transparency in how we run Burgess. From our Management Board to the Senior Partners and Partners, we have created a governance framework that gives every department a voice at the table.

Burgess wants to be a positive force within the yachting industry and wider communities. To achieve that, we know that we are strongest when working together.

Burgess Partnership

The Burgess Partnership is made up of 32 Senior Partners and Partners who have been elected to the Partnership group. This scheme provides a strong foundation of shared knowledge and skills. The path to partnership is open to every member of the Burgess team that shows commitment - and it is part of the career progression on offer within the company.

Ready for the future

Burgess values

As a company that started as a team of one in 1975 - Nigel Burgess himself - we have now grown to become a global team of 220-plus. What's interesting is that people join the Burgess team, and they stay... Maybe it's down to how well we know each other. We value the unique skills and personalities within our team, and want them to grow with Burgess.

We are Burgess

At Burgess we make a promise to create a safe and secure working environment for our team. We want to promote equality, diversity and teamwork at every level, from intern to CEO. If our team have a burning issue to promote we give them the mechanism to do this and have a say in the future of Burgess. In fact, it’s how Burgess Blue Oceans came to be!

Meet the Blue Oceans team

Tomorrow's leaders

A career is what you make it at Burgess. We want the people who come with passion - for teamwork, for sustainable business, for yachts, for the ocean. We will enable our team to learn, through training and hands-on opportunities. Where will tomorrow take you? We are excited to find out...


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